Building memories, building relationships

25 Mar

One of the things I have done for each of my six kids is write them letters. I started when my first child was still in my wife’s tummy. Since I have been writing a lot lately, one of my kids likes me to read  something both from my new book and from the journals I wrote when they were all younger.  I stumbled across this letter written when my son was not even two. Now’s he 14 and would be totally embarrassed about this letter. It touched me though and reminded me yet again, of how quickly time passes. If you are fortunate enough to have little ones, enjoy each moment.

My precious little baby:

This morning you woke up very early due to  thunder storm. Either that or you were having a bad dream. Mommy brought you to bed and we cuddled together. Your heart was beating on top of mine seemingly sending a rhythmic message of love. You slept for awhile, then stirred and fell back to sleep for a few minutes. Then you put your little hands on my eyes to see if I was sleeping or awake. It was a moment to cherish and one I don’t normally have as you normally choose your mother if you need a comforting embrace.

I laid there soaking in the moment as if nothing else mattered. And at that moment, nothing else did. Nothing that I had to do could be as important as that seemingly long time together that now seems like a flash of lightning in a storm. Your childhood will be like that too I’m told. I’ll look back when you are a teenager someday and ask “where did time go”.

So the next time I see lightning, I’m going to use that as a reminder of how quickly time will pass. I’m going to take time out from whatever I am doing to play with you, to look deeply into your eyes, and try to see the wonder of the world through your eyes. I don’t want to have regrets about missing this precious time.

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